Youth Ministry

Second Weekend of Every Month at 5:00pm
Please come and join us!

If you really want a 3-D Christian Experience ...

Every second weekend of the month, is theYouth Weekend.

There will be new songs with a more contemporary sound. Our young members take a more active participation in the Mass. All are welcome, of course.

This is a process as we move forward and are hoping that attendence and involvment will grow as we move forward with this.

Right now we are looking for young members of our community that would be willing to participate in some of the Mass Ministries once a month. We need Readers and Commentators, Alter Servers, of course, young people interested in Music Ministry - singing and/or playing an instrument - and Eucharistic Ministers (you must be Confirmed for this).

If you are interested please contact the Youth Ministry Office at 951-272-3520 or We'd love to have your help.

On Bullying

Bishop Gerald Barnes has expressed a concern over the growing prevalence of mistreatment among young people by their peers. His adderess to the youth of the Diocese on bullying in our society can be seen here.

Elementary School
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