From the Pastor's Desk

Our Parish: Our Home

It's been a blessing for me to be assigned to work and be a member of this wonderful community at St. Matthew's. One of the wonderful feelings about being a member of St. Matthew's is that we are very much like a family. Indeed we come together not only with who we are but also with how much we care and want to make our parish a wonderful place of worship, fellowship and kinship. I am very thankful especially for the gifts and contributions that we have been offering for the well-being and benefits of the parish. When there is a need for something, someone would step up and get the work, the project or the event well organized and done. We are eager to help and willing to sacrifice not because this is just our parish; rather, it is "our home: a spiritual home of joy, kindness and discipleship."

Two weeks ago, I wanted to form a group that would help to check and keep our church well maintained, improved and developed. I called 5 people: Gerry Page, Mark Frasier, Randy Ibbetson, Gustavo Macias, Thu (Tom) Nguyen. Almost immediately everyone responded positively with a strong "yes." We got together and shared how and what we could do or need to do to make sure our church and facilities are well kept and functioned well. Among the 5, some are good with electricity while others are good with carpentry or just simply handy with things around the house. Though these 5 people don't have all the expertise, they are so willing and confident that everything will be well taken care of, and that other people will also step up and contribute their talents, skills and gifts.

It indeed would be wonderful if we all contribute whatever gifts and talents we may have to make our parish wonderful for everyone. With hope and joy, I would like to ask all of our parishioners to respond to this spirit of discipleship and kinship and offer whatever gifts and talents that you may have. Let us not just be "bystanders" who would be just watching passively and carelessly. Rather, let us continue to make our parish-St. Matthew's a "joyful home, filled with generosity, kindness and love."

If you have any natural talents, professionally skills or just handy about anything, please sign up to be a part of the team, either with this new group: "St. Joseph-the builder of God's house," or perhaps form a new group and new ministry that may be fitting with your gifts and calling.

As Jesus said: "No one lights a lamp hides it away or places it [under a bushel basket], but on a lamp stand so that those who enter might see the light." (Luke: 11:33). Let your light, the light of goodness, the light of your kindness put on the lamp stand of your dedication and generosity, so that those who enter St. Matthew Church will see the radiance of God's grace shining through the wonderful acts of your good hearts.

Fr. Hieu Nguyen, SVD