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EPIC: A Journey Through Church History

Do you know your family history? The history of the Church is the history of your family. It is the epic story of our ancestors in the Faith—the heroic men and women who shaped civilization and spread the Gospel throughout the world. Knowing this history is crucial to our identity as Catholics. Just as we would uncover exciting and interesting stories of our ancestors through the study of our family geneology, we can uncover our Catholic past through the study of church history. Knowledge of our Church story helps provide meaning to the present, and the present determines the future. Learning 2,000 years of history can be a daunting task—but with Epic: Journey through Church History, you can easily learn the amazing story of the Church.

Many in our society misunderstand and even attack our Church for the supposed misdeeds of the past. Topics such as the Crusades, the "Inquisition," and Galileo are used in the attempt to discredit the Church and her role in the world. What is the truth concerning these events and persons? How can you answer the objections? Epic: Journey through Church History, is your answer. Developed by teachers and historians Steve Weidenkopf and Alan Schreck, this exciting learning system helps people understand the Catholic story of history.

For those who have received the "big picture" of salvation history from The Great Adventure: A journey through the Bible, Epic provides "the rest of the story." Utilizing the same structure as the Great Adventure, Epic presents the twelve time periods of the Church History: The Mustard Seed, the Persecution, Conversions and Councils, Missionaries & the Emperor, Crusades & Scholars, Protests & Defenders, The Catholic Reformation, Revolution & Modernism. A World at War, the time periods identify the main events in Church History, Culture and Politics, as well as the Popes, Martyrs, Saints and Doctors of the Church. Each time period is color-coded by the main theme of the period in order to facilitate memorization.

Starting on October 5, 2017!
Thursday evenings
Our identity as Catholics means that we are inheritors of the deeds of the holy men and women, who for 2,000 years have built a great civilization and spread the gospel throughout the world.
This is our story.
This is our family
Come, and discover with us!