From the Pastor's Desk

Journey Through the Amazing Encounter Retreat

This past weekend some of our youth in the Confirmation Program were given the opportunity to experience the Amazing Encounter Retreat. For the most part, the youth living this retreat have only been expoed to catechism classes as part of their formation. The retreat gave them a chance to take all the knowledge and directly apply it to their faith. As the name may allude to, The Amazing Encounter has the youth encounter Christ and invited them to start having a relationship with Him.

Additionally, the retreat illustrates the way in which God is working through their lives and reminds them that He is waiting for them with open arms. To conclude the retreat, the youth were asked to reflect on their experience. What follow are genuine and inspiring responses to this Amazing Encounter.

Did the retreat live up to your expectations?

  • Yes it did! It was amazing, because I didn't expect much but I loved it all the same. I loved bonding with new people, and they are literally my family now.
  • Yes, it actually exceeded my expectations. I wasn't expecting as much as what happened!
  • It was amazing!
  • Yes it did, more ways than one, it was better.
  • This retreat led up to my expectations. I found God. I was able to meet Him and welcome Him into my life...

What did you like most about the retreat?

  • What I liked most was both Friday and Saturday nights because I was able to make myself vulnerable and be close to God since I had never been in the Church at night like that...
  • The second night when someone prayed over me.
  • The loving environment!
  • The bonding, the renewal of faith.
  • The love and positivity spread throughout the weekend. Meeting a new friend.

Going forth, we ask you, the St. Matthew's community to continue to pray for them and walk with them on this amazing experience that is our Catholic Faith.

God Bless