From the Pastor's Desk

As a result of Bishop Barnes' Episcopal Visit and recommendations received from the Diocese, our Pastoral Council representatives have been visiting and will continue to visit various ministries by the end of this year to gather input, suggestions and information related to the individual ministry and the parish as a whole as far as what we can do together to revitalize our parish. Each month on the 3rd Sunday of the month, beginning with this weeks bulletin you will see the various ministry reports. The information provided below is from the Men's Club visit.

1. Why did you choose this ministry/group? What blessings/challenges have you found in this ministry/group?

* Personal invitation, good rapport with other members, went to golf tounament and joined after meeting the members there.

* It's like a giant family and everyone is very friendly.

* Challenges — Need to attract younger members — need to provide activities that they would like to attend.

2. In what way does your ministry serve or represent St. Matthews Parish?

* Fish fry gatherings, scholarship program, altar server appreciation, painting/maintenance needs around the parish, coffee and donut gatherings.

3. What are your hopes for our community and parishioners here at St. Matthews?

* The big picture and purpose of all they do is for the glory and honor of God, so anything they can do to increase that would be the main goal.

4. Do you have any suggestions or ideas about what "we can do together" to improve our parish/community? How can the Pastoral Council/staff/Pastor help promote your ministry?

* Work harder to give out personal invitations to men we encounter.

* Additional activities like a men's breakfast with a guest speaker or a men's retreat one weekend a year either on site or off site which includes half spiritual activities and half fun activities that men would enjoy.

* Fr. Hieu continue his personal approach — going down to level of congregation during homily, making personal announcements that he wants to emphasize after the commentator finishes the regular announcements.

* Suggestion for MEn's Club to host spaghetti dinner nights during the year between the fish fry events of Lent to bring the congregation together more often.

* Email the bulletin to everyone (1/3 take the bulletins on any given Sunday and who knows how many of them actually read it).

* A 4th of July BBQ/picnic event for the parish.

* A Texas Hold 'em Tournament for the men of the parish.

* Put more pictures of event like Fish Fry on Facebook, which brings in people from even outside the parish.

Leanne Perez
President, St. Matthew's Pastoral Council.