The New Roman Missal

Many are curious about the changes in the prayers and responses in the Celebration of the Mass. The changes, while significant, are not earth shattering or revolutionary so to address the concerns of our parishioners and dispel any anxiety over these changes, we hope that this page will provide some information regarding these changes.

Reactions to the changes range from ignorance to worry to anger. "What is going on?" "Are they changing the Mass?" "How dare they!" And, of course, "Why are they doing this?"

It's hard to get a straight answer in 500 words or less but we'll attempt to do so here. About 40 years ago the spoken words of the Mass were no longer required to be exclusively in Latin and the Catholic world began to translate the words of the Mass into their own local languages. At the time the method of translation used words and phrases that it was felt would convey the message of the original Latin in terms that would be easily understood.

Almost as soon as the translation was completed there was dissatisfaction by some who felt that the words selected did not accurately convey the meaning and reverence found in the original text. So here we are, forty years later with a revised translation that should achieve those original goals.

The new Roman Missal (the book containing the prayers said during the Mass) is more closely in line with the original Latin in that it is a more direct translation of the words and phrases as well as the tone of the language being more formal and reverent than the previous translation.

The rites of the Mass are not changing, only the wording. Doctrine is not changing, neither are any of the sacraments or traditions that we hold dear as Catholics. On this web page we will compile information to better familiarize the parish community with these changes. Please approach them with an open mind and a curiosity into what you may find that will deepen your relationship with the Church and with Jesus Christ.

Changes in the Order of Mass - The actual text of what will change for the congregation.

A Brief Description of the Changes for Young Adults and Teens

A Homily on the New Roman Missal