Mass Ministries Schedule

We ask all ministers to please sign in 15 minutes before Mass begins.  If you are unable to serve please call a minister in another group or a substitute so your ministry position is covered' for the Mass.

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Saturday, December 16, 5:00pm
Eucharistic Ministers:Diana Walsh-Reuss
 Michael Sanders
Altar Servers:Makenzie Prieto
 Kameryn Prieto
 Angel Lopez
Readers:Deb Potts
 Christie Dy
Sunday, December 17, 11:00am
Eucharistic Ministers:Cyndi Dunning
 Joni Dy
 Cristina L. Flores
 Denise Morgan
 Helen Reyes
 Marlene Parrington
Altar Servers:Alicia Drevdahl
 Matthew Le
 Zoe Reyes
 Adrian Chavez
 Andrew Chavez
Commentator:Maria Macabales
Readers:Matthew Le
 Edgar Torres

Sunday, December 17, 8:00am
Eucharistic Ministers:Mario De La Cruz
 Ken Fischer
 Pam Fischer
 Rosemary McMackin
 Bill Millidge
 Camille Page
 Tess De La Cruz
Ministers to theJohn Hogard
HomeboundMichael Sanders
 Camille Page
 Margie Hogard
Altar Servers:Kate Palos
 Christina Palos
 Emiliano Lacuesta
 Issac Lacuesta
 Joaquin Lacuesta
Commentator:Ken Fischer
Readers:Rachel Hernandez
 Rosemary Soto
Sunday, December 17, 12:30pm
Ministros de Eucaristia:Lori Sanchez
 Jovita Sanchez
 Orlando Ruiz
 Martin G. Lucho
 Aida Roa
 Jose Lozano
 Elvia Lozano
Monaguillos:Alejandro Cervantes
 Kevin Palacios
 Grecia Martinez
 Oriana Atilano
Comentarista:Jaime Flores
 George Roa
Lectores:Olga Sanchez
 Ricardo Brambila

Sunday, December 17, 9:30am
Eucharistic Ministers:Joyce Evangelista
 Deo Mshigeni
 Bob Munion
 Lorraine Camire
Altar Servers:Angeli Gliane
 Adam Gliane
 Agnes Gliane
 Seth Chow
 Sean Chow
Commentator:Amy Guldner
Readers:Lois Lowry
 Pam Riley
Sunday, December 17, 5:00pm
Eucharistic Ministers:Leanne Perez
 Pam Pavela
 Rick Coover
 Daniel Nolan
 Claire Whiteley
Commentator:Catherine Heaston
Readers:Marilyn Larson
 John Farr