Mass Ministries Schedule

We ask all ministers to please sign in 15 minutes before Mass begins.  If you are unable to serve please call a minister in another group or a substitute so your ministry position is covered' for the Mass.

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Saturday, March 24, 5:00pm
Eucharistic Ministers:Terri Sonntag
 Mariam Khamis
 Martha Kremer
 Martha Lopez
 Mary Jane Van Hook
Altar Servers:Camilla Barcimo
 Isabel Larios
 Kirsten Dingson
Commentator:Pat Murphy
Readers:Mariam Khamis
 Pat Murphy
Sunday, March 25, 11:00am
Eucharistic Ministers:Virginia Madek
 Karen Alexander
 Sarah Orozco
 Joyce Olsen
 Filomena M. Remo
 Marie Le
Altar Servers:Abbey Garma
 Adrian Chavez
 Rachel Molnar
 Andrew Chavez
Commentator:Matthew Le
Readers:Maria Macabales
 Joyce Olsen

Sunday, March 25, 8:00am
Eucharistic Ministers:Bob Keyes
 Olivia Laird
 Dan Plinski
 Greg Root
 Brian Fitzpatrick
Ministers to theDominique Barron
HomeboundMike Mabry
 Aida Fontanilla
 Dan Plinski
 Greg Root
 Maria Uy
Altar Servers:Kate Palos
 Lillie Ibbetson
 Brooke Ibbetson
 Christina Palos
Commentator:Viktor Wise
 Bob Keyes
Readers:Rachel Hernandez
 Rosemary Soto
Sunday, March 25, 12:30pm
Ministros de Eucaristia:Martha Morfin
 Jovita Sanchez
 Orlando Ruiz
 Martin G. Lucho
 Jorge Morfin
 Jose Lozano
 Elvia Lozano
Monaguillos:Nestor Coria
 Esteban Martinez
 Janet Ramirez
Comentarista:Ricardo Brambila
 Olga Sainz
Lectores:Claudia Montes
 Manuel De La Paz

Sunday, March 25, 9:30am
Eucharistic Ministers:Lois Lowry
 J.J. Riley
 Sheila Adan
 Jessica Couch
 Jacqualyn Riley
Altar Servers:Brian Mganga
 Audrey Sheehan
 Natalie Sheehan
 Kyle Sheehan
Commentator:Paul Matubang
Readers:Paul Espinoza
 Beverly Scray
Sunday, March 25, 5:00pm
Eucharistic Ministers:Carmen Larios
 Mike Zeller
 Seimour Vuist
 Debbie Vuist
Altar Servers:Connor Rezner
 Brennan Rezner
 Ethan Bernabe
 Aiden Rezner
Commentator:Juan Larios
Readers:John Pavela
 Pam Pavela