Mass Ministries Schedule

We ask all ministers to please sign in 15 minutes before Mass begins.  If you are unable to serve please call a minister in another group or a substitute so your ministry position is covered' for the Mass.

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Saturday, October 28, 5:00pm
Eucharistic Ministers:Sharon Guzy
 Jon Shepardson
 D. Barron
Altar Servers:Kim Pham
 Khai Pham
 Annaka Schone
 Andrew Schone
Commentator:Matthew Schlosser
Readers:Rosie Ortiz
Sunday, October 29, 11:00am
Eucharistic Ministers:Teresa Carter
 Rex King
 Tom Mancini
 Lindsay White
 Chuck Janik
Altar Servers:Abbey Garma
 Andrew Wolesky
 Madeline Wolesky
Commentator:Joyce Olsen
Readers:Joe Delgiudice
 Richard Fochtman

Sunday, October 29, 8:00am
Eucharistic Ministers:Susana Nielsen
 Dan Hines
 Christine Haley
 Carol Kevett
Ministers to theEd Gomez
HomeboundDan Hines
 John Ibbetson
 Daniel Sanchez
 Barbara Sisco
Altar Servers:Christian Liceralde Nacar
Commentator:Audrey Christner
Readers:Audry Christner
 Richard Haley
Sunday, October 29, 12:30pm
Ministros de Eucaristia:Olga Sanchez
 Jaime Rubio
 George Roa
 Soccoro JimĂ©nez
 Guadalupe Palacios
 Maria Pilar Goddard
Monaguillos:Kimberly Celis
 Martha Manzo
 Janet Ramirez
Comentarista:Olga Sainz Flores
 Lori Sanchez
Lectores:Norma Moreira
 Armando Maciel

Sunday, October 29, 9:30am
Eucharistic Ministers:Hank Biddles
 Jeanne Biddles
 David Diebel
 Doris Baltgalvis
 Rebeca Golden
 Jennifer Magee
Altar Servers:Brian Mganga
 Matthew Hicks
 Audrey Sheehan
 Natalie Sheehan
 Nicole Hicks
 Kyle Sheehan
Readers:Eloda Burdeshaw
 Sean Golden
Sunday, October 29, 5:00pm
Eucharistic Ministers:Marie Breslin
 Terry Luck
 Annie Lara
Altar Servers:Drew Heaston
 A J Kowalewski
 Emily Heaston
Commentator:Leanne Perez
Readers:Ellen Delhauer
 Frank Nunez